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In the digitised world of business, it is no longer sufficient to simply perform checks at doors and gates. Access to data, systems and networks, as well as internal and external communications must also be protected. Smartcards, reliable carriers of secure identities, have a key role to play in this scenario.


Innovative technology, comprehensive security, a high level of data protection and a wide range of application options – that's GoID. This company ID card protects access to data, systems and networks, as well as to internal and external communications.

Card personalisation

A company ID card only becomes unique when it bears the holder's personal data. We have different solutions on offer for personalising documents, ranging from individual components to entire systems or central personalisation at Bundesdruckerei.

Signature and seal cards

Both individuals and legal entities can use our signature and seal cards to sign their documents in a legally binding manner.

TIM Card

The TIM Card offers cryptographic protection against manipulation for digital recordings of business transactions in cash registers, taximeters and other types of cash register systems.

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In the digital age, companies need to control more than just their doors and gates in order to protect their assets and know-how. Access to data, systems and networks, as well as internal and external communications must be protected.

This is all made very convenient with GoID, both for online and offline applications. Contactless GoID is based on tried-and-tested technologies that are also used in the German ID card and are suitable for high-security environments. Security is ensured by digital certificates on the crypto chip integrated into the card. One special feature of GoID is that it runs without batteries. The power needed is taken from the electromagnetic field of the reader via the card antenna. Additional protection is ensured by two-factor authentication that requires both possession of the card as well a PIN or a biometric feature. Thanks to an integrated fingerprint sensor, no external sensors are needed, making this card even more user-friendly.

The holder's personal data is securely stored and verified exclusively on the card chip. Verification takes place on the card itself so that data never leaves the card. This so-called 'system on document' method offers a high level of data protection and allows the holder to maintain control over the data at all times. By combining possession of the ID card and fingerprint recognition, this technology offers an outstanding degree of security and user friendliness.

The biggest advantage, however, is that GoID is the only key that you need in order to access networks and buildings. It can open harddisk encryption of workplace PCs and enable secure login to the operating system. Once registered with an individual user profile, GoID can also be used to sign and encrypt confidential e-mails and to release digital processes.

Advantages at a glance

  • Flexible options for features to meet with differentiated security requirements
  • Outstanding data security thanks to Bundesdruckerei's trust service provider
  • Easy integration and a high level of interoperability with legacy infrastructures
25 percent of German companies use extended user identification procedures such as multi-factor authentication.
Bitkom, 2015

Solutions & Products

GoID Card

Secure identities for digital applications

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Card personalisation

A company ID card only becomes unique when it bears the holder's personal data. We offer different solutions for personalising documents, ranging from individual components to entire systems or central personalisation at Bundesdruckerei.

Centralised and decentralised

We operate one of the world's largest personalisation centres in Berlin where we can personalise cards with facial images, biographical data, and even with fingerprints. We also issue digital certificates for card holders that are then stored securely on the chip in the card.

Our range of products includes decentralised solutions where data can be optically and electrically personalised on cards at regional customer locations.  This means that ID cards can be issued directly on site. We also supply the matching production hardware and software along with blank documents.

Advantages at a glance

  • Easily adjusted to customer-specific requirements - from small decentralised production environments right through to central environments with large-volume production
  • Cost-efficient thanks to licensing tailored to your needs
  • User-friendly and intuitive
Every year Bundesdruckerei produces more than 12 million ID cards on behalf of governments, companies and private individuals, such as ID cards, driving licences, office ID cards or signature Cards.
Bundesdruckerei, 2015 Annual Report

Signature and seal cards

Qualified signature card

In the digital world, the qualified signature replaces the hand-written one. This always happens when administrative procedures call for the written form. This means that contracts, for instance, can be signed electronically in a legally recognised manner, public invitations to tender can be handled via electronic tendering platforms and court documents can be submitted using the electronic court mailbox. Unlike the qualified seal card, the qualified signature card is always issued to one person and cannot be transferred to anyone else. Recipients of an electronically signed document can be certain that the signature is in fact from the sender and that the contents of the document have not been manipulated.

Our solutions for qualified signatures in so-called batch mode are ideal for companies that are digitising their business processes and wish to sign many documents in succession in a manner recognised by law and send these documents electronically.

Qualified seal card

Individuals, i.e. company employees, use electronic signatures to prove that they are the originators of a document and that its contents were not manipulated. Legal entities, such as companies and public agencies, can now also use this feature with a procedure referred to as electronic sealing.

The qualified electronic seal closes a gap in electronic communications. This is essentially an electronic company stamp. Its legal effect and admissibility as evidence in legal proceedings are rooted at EU level in the eIDAS Regulation.

A qualified electronic seal implies the integrity of the data sealed and the correctness of the information regarding the holder of the seal.

Solutions & Products

D-TRUST onlineRA

The fast and simple route to qualified signature cards

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TIM Card

Bundesdruckerei's TIM (Tax Identification Module) Card offers protection against manipulation for digital recordings of business transactions: Thanks to strong encryption, data recorded in cash registers, taximeters and other types of cash register systems cannot be altered.

The TIM Card supports all of the functions of the so-called INSIKA method and complies with current technical requirements. INSIKA, the German abbreviation for 'integrated security solution for cash registers processing metered values', originally was the name of a research project that was promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and managed by Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (German National Metrology Institute).

The INSIKA solution meets the highest security requirements for business transactions that must be recorded. These include, in particular, the international standards for signature creation devices and all basic requirements of the fiscal authorities. Our TIM Card comes with additional memory for sales totals, programmed security functions, as well as technical interface specifications.


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