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As a long-standing producer of identity solutions for governments, we can now pass on this experience to companies through our consultancy services for information, infrastructure, product and process security.

Information security consulting

Computers, the Internet, intranets and mobile technologies are connecting information so that it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Some of this information must be available to all of a company's staff while other information requires special protection. It is also important that statutory regulations, such as the IT Security Act, be observed and implemented. What's essential here is to ensure the availability, confidentiality and integrity of information at the company.

We offer companies a comprehensive consultancy package in order to implement all the relevant requirements. The goal is to install resource-saving, bespoke information security. Our integrated consultancy approach combines expertise, many years of experience, methodological competence and in-depth product knowledge.

Infrastructure security consulting

Protecting a company and its assets begins by physically protecting the building and the location. Preventing unauthorised persons from entering, however, should not mean an unreasonable annoyance for employees and visitors. This also applies to digital knowledge stores in state-of-the-art communication and server networks which must be reliably protected against unauthorised access or manipulation.

Our bespoke consultancy services are made to do just that. They range from a customer-specific demand and risk analysis to solid security concepts and the choice of suitable hardware and software solutions. Using internationally recognised standards, such as ISO 31000, ISO 27001 or ISO 9001, you can improve your infrastructure security.

Product security consulting

As products become more complex and brand piracy increases, manufacturers find themselves facing growing challenges. They additionally have to comply with legal requirements designed to ensure the safe use and disposal of products. In order to optimally protect products from the very outset we recommend that potential risks already be identified during product development so that they can be counteracted by a security strategy. In this way, precisely aligned security features can already be created during product design and then implemented in the production process.

We offer individual solution concepts for product security that take internationally recognised standards like ISO 31000 or Common Criteria into account. We can also help you to implement encryption technologies or forge-proof security features.

Process security consulting

Processes are the backbone of any organisation. Well-organised processes that work as intended help companies to achieve their corporate goals, to push ahead with innovations and to respond in a flexible manner to changes. This also applies explicitly to supporting business processes, such as marketing, accounting, HR and other interface functions.

Disruptions in processes, such as voltage fluctuations, defective supplier parts or machines, pose a risk for the goals set and significantly endanger the company's success. That's why all internal processes should already be analysed during planning with a view to their potential threat or risk and the security-relevant aspects for the company should be thoroughly evaluated.

We can help you here with bespoke consultancy services. Our experts analyse your potential to optimise quality, security, compliance and service management, and we provide support when the corresponding security concepts are being set up.

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