Compliance management

As a high-security company with government tasks, we not only know about security standards, we are also experts when it comes to compliance with legal regulations in national and international business transactions. Find out more about our compliance management services.

Compliance consulting

Compliance is an important part of your company's image and forms the basis for the trust that customers place in you. If rules are violated, this is often not intentional but simply due to carelessness or a lack of knowledge. That's why it is so important to create lasting awareness for compliance among staff, executives and service providers. This means that you must be familiar with both national and international statutory requirements as well as the often complex internal codes of conduct and requirements agreed to with customers.
We can help you to establish effective and efficient management of your corporate compliance. Our approach is based on two principles: We see our customers in the medium-sized sector as our equals, and our services for them are derived from practical experience for their practical application. We were predestined to assume this role because we too are a medium-sized company and in the many years that we have spent working for government customers we have been able to acquire a wealth of experience in compliance.
In order to provide you with the best possible support, we begin by drawing up a maturity analysis. We will also take a close look at your sector, after all, statutory requirements vary from one sector to the next and also depend on the strategy and size of the organisations concerned. This also means considerable differences in terms of legal obligations and liability risks. Using organisational measures, we can help you to uncover or avoid any violations. We will provide training for your staff and coach executives in charge. We will be pleased to clarify any issues related to labour and data protection law. With our experience and expertise, we will accompany you throughout the entire organisational implementation of compliance guidelines and help you to develop and set up a compliance management System.

In this way, you will be able to avoid the risk of fines or damage to your reputation and the related loss of trust.

Consulting on export control

Germany is one of the world's largest exporting nations. That being said, complex legal requirements and high customs charges are real challenges that face many exporting companies. Special export permits are needed in order to supply certain goods, technologies and software products. Especially when it comes to foreign business, strict statutory rules must be observed in order to rule out any criminal risks.
We advise exporting companies on international export control laws. These include, for instance, restrictions on countries, individuals, goods and use, for instance, embargoes, approval obligations or bans. Our experts can show you how to make your exports future-enabled and how to reduce customs charges through efficient processes. All of this is based on our many years of experience and our extensive know-how in export business. We can analyse your requirements and advise you during concept development. We can also train your staff on site or using e-learning programs.