Bdrive - Flexible working with secure cloud computing


With Bdrive, Bundesdruckerei's cloud solution, you can share and process data both within your company and in exchange with partners - no matter where, no matter when. Bdrive helps you to set up more efficient and flexible work processes. Thanks to a unique technology, cloud computing 'Made in Germany' provides the highest level of security.

User-friendly cloud computing

Bundesdruckerei's cloud solution makes work processes more efficient: Users can now share and process files together. This user-friendly, secure solution makes file-sharing services a thing of the past.

Bdrive - The German cloud that offers maximum security

With Bdrive, Bundesdruckerei provides cloud computing at the highest security level. The solution combines encryption on the terminal device with the RAIC concept that distributes the files over several cloud storage services.

Full cost control

Bdrive allows you to stay in control of costs at all times without any loss of flexibility. User numbers can be scaled as needed, but you always only pay for active cloud users.

User-friendly cloud computing for lean and secure work processes

Bdrive simplifies work processes both within your company and when you exchange files with business partners. The cloud solution from Bundesdruckerei provides additional online storage space which replaces the costly server infrastructure at a company. What’s more, Bdrive allows staff to access their data while on the move and also promotes collaboration: Users can share and process files and folders together. This improves team performance and boosts flexibility, especially for companies that need to communicate across several sites.

Customers, partners and service providers can also be easily integrated into cloud computing because they can access the files via a secured link.

Bdrive relies on a combination of encryption at the client end and so-called RAIC technology. The company has full control over its sensitive data at all times. And you the user always know who you are communicating with: Bundesdruckerei's digital certificates provide each user with their own verified identity perfectly protecting them against social engineering attacks.

Read more about secure cloud computing with Bdrive  in the section 'The German cloud that offers maximum security' at the bottom of this page.

Bundesdruckerei's cloud is based on the so-called 'Security by Design' principle. Security was a central requirement even during development and closely linked with the requirements for user-friendliness from the very beginning. This is particularly evident with a view to speed. Fragmentation and the subsequent distribution of the data packages on various cloud storage services ensure an outstanding level of protection. The performance of the cloud is increased at the same time because synchronisation and downloading are much faster with smaller file fragments than with big original files. Usability, too, has top priority, especially in terms of the graphical user interface. And because the cloud solution can be easily integrated into classical file managers, such as Windows Explorer, operation remains intuitive.

Another very important aspect: Nothing gets lost with Bdrive! That’s because deleted data can be completely restored within 30 days. Bdrive customers can also call for support by our team. Working with the cloud solution is generally easy: Users can be registered or removed as required. And only active users are actually billed.

For more information, go to the 'Full control' section.

As a high-security company working on behalf of governments, we not only know about security standards, we are also experts when it comes to compliance with legal regulations in national and international business transactions. This expertise is also reflected in our products. The security of sensitive data was a major requirement for the development of Bdrive. The cloud solution fully meets with compliance and audit requirements and an application has been submitted for certification of Bdrive according to the very high standard of the Federal Office for Information Security (CC EAL 4+).

Bdrive only works with independent, ISO-certified cloud storage providers who have data centres in Germany. This means that the data - or the data fragments distributed according to the RAIC principle - is stored on German servers only.

Bdrive - The German cloud with maximum security

With Bdrive, Bundesdruckerei provides cloud computing at the highest security level. The solution combines encryption on the user's terminal with the so-called RAIC concept that breaks the file down into fragments and then distributes the data packages over several cloud storage services. The following five components are the pillars of Bdrive protection.

Thanks to the 'Security by Design' principle, Bdrive provides secure cloud computing for the entire work process - user-friendly, flexible and at impressive speed. Your data is already protected before it is saved in the cloud. The decisive feature here is end-to-end encryption at the client end. Unlike solutions where encryption takes place on the server of a cloud storage service, a company using Bdrive always has full control over its data.

Once the data has been encrypted on the terminal devices, Bdrive automatically breaks the data down into several fragments. Each of these fragments is randomly composed of different parts of the binary code of the file. This means that no conclusions can be drawn from any of the fragments regarding the content, size or format of the complete file - neither by Bundesdruckerei nor by the independent cloud storage services where the data packages are sent in the next step using RAIC technology (redundant array of independent clouds). None of the providers can use their fragments to access the entire file, not just because they are unable to access the parts stored on the other servers but also due to encryption.

If one cloud service fails, the file can still be used even if a fragment is missing. This is guaranteed by the so-called parity blocks that were generated during fragmentation and sent to the cloud storage services. The encrypted building plan of the fragments is stored on Bundesdruckerei's high-security server. Bdrive needs this data in order to correctly assemble the file. Bundesdruckerei cannot make use of this building plan because the company has no access to the individual data packages.

The combination of encryption and fragmentation/distribution of the files is based on the 'zero knowledge' principle - nobody can eavesdrop so that data control completely remains with the company. This is why Bdrive is synonymous with adherence to compliance and audit requirements. All the more so, because Bundesdruckerei not only relies on established high-performance cloud services when distributing the fragments, but it also ensures that the servers are in Germany. The company itself decides which provider can be used for which data record.

Neither the cloud provider nor Bundesdruckerei can access your corporate data. But how can it be ensured that the correct user really is at the respective terminal device? This is where Bundesdruckerei's identity management comes into play which is based on multi-factor authentication and runs on a high-security server. This means that an ID check involves at least two security features. Various IDs can be included in the cloud solution - from passwords to software and hardware-based security tokens right through to ID cards and digital certificates.

Full cost control

Companies and organisations in today's digitalised world are faced with growing cost pressure and agile project work. Bdrive allows you to remain flexible at all times while maintaining complete transparency. That’s because when you sign the contract, you do not have to restrict yourself to a number of users or a storage quota, since both of these can be scaled as needed with Bdrive. Users themselves can add and remove users. Cloud storage is automatically adapted as needed.  Cloud computing with Bdrive provides companies and organisations with complete control over both their data and their costs. You pay only for what you actually use.

Flexible with full control: Additional storage for your cloud solution

If you need more storage, you can add additional storage packages either automatically or manually.

Even when it comes to automatic expansion, our cloud has a particularly secure solution:

  • A company can cap its storage volume. If the company quota is exceeded, space can be automatically expanded, however, only up to a maximum specified by the company.
  • After this, the company can manually add additional storage as needed.
  • If packages with extras are no longer needed, Bdrive automatically removes these and the costs are reduced accordingly.

How can I purchase Bdrive?

Contact us and we will be pleased to answer any other questions you may have about the cloud, for instance, regarding data protection.

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