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Whether at the office, from a home office or while on the move, employees today need access to corporate data no matter where they are. In order to ensure that only authorised parties can access your company's documents, we supply secure solutions for mobile working and for data and communication security.

Simple and secure data sharing in the cloud

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Mobile working

Working while on the move – but what about secure communications and access to data? Our solutions are just as convenient as they are secure.

Mobile working

In today's modern companies, staff must be able to access corporate data while out of the office or from their home office. But how can the company ensure that criminals are not also able to access this data?

Secure access while out of the office or from a home office

When employees are on the move, they want to be able to access company data via a VPN using a smartphone, tablet or laptop; this can be a customer presentation, calendar data or e-mails. While this should be a fast and simple procedure, it must also be secure. A two-factor solution with a smartcard and PIN, for instance, can enable fast access. The smartcard can be used for authentication at different mobile devices, for instance, an iPhone or a security laptop such as the 'cyber-top' laptop from genua.

Advantages at a glance

  • Secure connection of out-of-office employees to the company's network
  • Reliably encrypted VPN (virtual private network) connections
  • Criminals stay out
"Working without borders. Where the service provider is actually located is no longer relevant. For the first time ever, labour has become just as mobile as capital."
Arbeit 4.0, study by Universität St. Gallen and the Telekom-"Shareground" team, 8/2015
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