Secure production

Efficient production is not restricted to single sites, but takes place at a global level. Digital processes can lead to significant improvements. But digital processes need security at the highest level, for instance, using remote maintenance.

Remote maintenance & monitoring

When industrial companies have experts perform remote maintenance on their machines and IT systems, they have to open their networks for external access. But these systems are often not sufficiently protected. Attackers know this and use digital channels to enter the production area where they can cause damage.

Secure remote maintenance in Industry 4.0

Today's production often includes highly specialised machines that cannot be serviced by the company's own staff. Or it can happen that production is located abroad but the machine manufacturer is based in a small town in the home country. Remote maintenance and monitoring of machines via the Internet can save companies a lot of work and hence money. Predictive maintenance allows the manufacturer to perform remote maintenance and ensure smooth operations, minimising or avoiding disruptions and hence costly downtimes for the entire production chain. The travel expenses clocked up by maintenance service providers become a thing of the past. If an incident occurs and a machine breaks down, experts can assist quickly via Internet access.

The 'cyber-diode' solution from our subsidiary genua ensures that monitoring data can be sent to the service provider with secure one-way data transfer. Any flow of information in the other direction is completely blocked. No external data can flow into the secured network. During maintenance, a connection is set up using a genubox that acts as a rendezvous server. This allows the industrial company to activate access for the maintenance service provider to the machine with just one click. Using VPN connections and a strongly encrypted line, the maintenance service and the industrial company meet in a so-called 'demilitarised zone' that is still located outside the customer's network. This rendezvous with both partners is what enables access and this access is restricted exclusively to the machine to be worked on. Other sensitive areas of the industrial company's network are shielded and hence cannot be accessed via the maintenance point of access.

Advantages at a glance

  • Auditable recording and live display of all maintenance activities
  • Encrypted data transfer using technology 'Made in Germany'
  • Easy integration into legacy networks


Intrusions via remote maintenance access points are among the top 10 threat scenarios in production and process automation.
German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
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