Secure infrastructure

Security at a company is far more than secured access to buildings, it includes protected networks as well as secure data exchange between sites. We provide our customers with solutions 'Made in Germany'.

Network security

Tightly secured IT networks are now more than ever before the basis for successful companies. Our clever solutions for networks, etc. ensure a high level of security.

Site connection

Are you looking to connect new sites, important partners or – following a merger – other parts of a company to your network in order to exchange data? Then you should take care to ensure that your competitors, intelligence agencies or criminals are unable to make use of this situation in order to access your data.

Secure Hosting

As the need for data protection and confidentiality on the Internet increases, companies and public authorities are called upon to shape infrastructures and applications in a secure manner and that’s where Secure Hosting comes into play.

Network security

Whether you are looking to exchange confidential project information with employees or want to have remote maintenance carried out on your production systems, your IT network is the basis for a host of different corporate processes. That's why it is so important to protect this network reliably against attacks and to remain fully in control of incoming and outgoing data traffic at all times.

Determined protection for data flows

When it comes to securing IT infrastructures, control over data flows is a central issue. Especially when large volumes of data are exchanged across network borders, attackers can easily feed in malware into a company. In addition to smart firewall solutions that have the ability to learn during operation, we also protect networks using data diodes that allow information to flow in just one direction.

Advantages at a glance

  • You have complete control over the flow of data
  • You have a clear overview of your security at all times
  • Risks are minimised thanks to a complete analysis of the contents of incoming data packages


"61 percent of medium-sized companies are affected by espionage and sabotage and hence face a much greater threat than large corporations, for instance."
Bitkom, 2015

Site connection

Using the Internet to exchange data between several sites is both convenient and cost-efficient, but these communications must be reliably shielded against prying eyes. After all, if your knowledge falls into the wrong hands, this could have serious consequences.

Securely connecting what belongs together

Thanks to our solutions, private companies and public authorities can reliably protect data communications between different locations and with partners. This is possible even with information officially classified as top secret. Our subsidiary genua develops and produces in Germany and meets the highest security standards.

Advantages at a glance

  • Strong protection at internal and external interfaces
  • Strongly encrypted data transfer
  • Approved for data officially classified as top secret



"It is not just your staff and partners who are interested in your data, competitors, intelligence services or criminals may also be keen to get their hands on your data."
Destatis, 2015

Secure Hosting - Managed Services

To ensure that sensitive data is safely stored without having to handle regular updates and firewalls, we provide our customers with high-security server space and power. 

The Secure Hosting solution is operated in the high-performance and high-security IT infrastructure of D-TRUST, Bundesdruckerei's trust service provider. This solution ensures outstanding security and confidentiality for your applications, web services and complex IT services.

Secure servers made to measure

Secure Hosting is a solution “Made in Germany”. From consultancy to implementation of an operation and security concept tailored to your needs – everything comes from a single source. All of the solution components are based on the latest technology modules and have been accredited in an Information Security Management System (ISMS) according to statutory regulations.

Secure Hosting also offers a complete range of PKI products and the certificate types needed for your business operations.

Our service:

  • Preparation of your custom security concept
  • Development of your operation and service concept
  • Advice during integration and solution support 

What we offer:

  • A hosting service “Made in Germany” and in line with EU GDPR
  • Experience in operating business-cricital applications
  • Our infrastructure based on IT Baseline Protection
  • 20 years of experience in operating a TÜV-accredited, high-security IT infrastructure
  • All hosting components and the complete service process from a single source
  • Security and the latest technology accredited according to TSI V3.2 Level 3, ISO 9001, ISO 27001
  • Qualified trust services according to eIDAS and our own PKI infrastructure

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