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Completely digital workflows using just a single medium have enormous advantages compared to conventional analogue processes. That's because the individual steps are more transparent, can be processed faster and ultimately cost less.

Digital signing with sign-me

Be it contract management, loans or public contracts: Using sign-me, all paper-based signing processes will be handled electronically.

Online identification with AusweisIDent

Quick, easy and secure - that's how online identification of your customers now works. The throughout digital AusweisIDent identification method is based on the electronic ID card or residence permit and complies with all legal requirements.

Digital signing with sign-me

Remote signature with sign-me

Whether contract management, granting loans, taking part in public calls for tenders or signing important hospital forms: sign-me, Bundesdruckerei's remote signature solution, allows you to handle your paper-based signature processes in an entirely electronic process that is not just simple and convenient, but also legally recognised throughout the EU. 

Signing online using a tablet or smartphone 

The EU’s new regulation on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS) has paved the way for a new, simplified procedure for electronic signatures. The components used to generate the signature are not stored on a card, but in the secure IT environment of a qualified trust service provider (previously referred to as a trust center). This means that the electronic signature can now also be triggered remotely, for instance, using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

One-stop solution for all signature levels

sign-me is designed for all the signature levels laid down in the eIDAS Regulation: from simple to advanced right through to qualified electronic remote signatures.  The latter meets the written form requirement and has the same legal standing as a hand-written signature.

The sign-me web-based service provides you with a one-stop solution for remote signatures: from user identification to the electronic signature. All your customers need is a PC or tablet, an Internet connection and a smartphone. 

Various state-of-the-art, secure procedures can be used for identity verification, including the online ID function with the German ID card, online identification and point-of-sale identification. 

If the ID check is successful, the document can be electronically signed. With the highest signature level, the remote signature is triggered by entering a mobile TAN after logging in with a user name and password. A web interface allows you to integrate sign-me directly into your online offers and software applications for document management and document archiving. 

The first eIDAS-compliant remote signature “Made in Germany” 

Digital signatures with sign-me meet the strict requirements of the eIDAS Regulation for remote signatures. This was confirmed by TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH in a complex test procedure and the Federal Network Agency has now included sign-me in the eIDAS National Trusted List. This means that sign-me is Germany’s first eIDAS-compliant remote signature solution. 


Benefit from the advantages offered by the remote signature with sign-me

  • Efficient – entirely seamless processes cut costs, optimise workflows, reduce cancellation rates for contracts and improve customer satisfaction
  • Convenient – sign online with a tablet or smartphone, without a signature card or reader 
  • Simple – intuitive user interface
  • Legally recognised – eIDAS-compliant, meets the written form requirement
  • Flexible – easy to integrate into websites and software for managing and archiving documents

You can visit the new sign-me signature portal at:

Do you have any questions? You can find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding the sign-me remote signature solution in our Service & Support section.

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Quick, easy and secure - the new online identification method

Providers of online services such as banks or telecommunications companies can now identify their new customers in a simple but secure manner. The name of this new identification method is AusweisIDent which was developed jointly by Bundesdruckerei and Governikus. AusweisIDent is based on the online ID function of the German electronic ID card or the electronic residence permit. This makes the method throughout digital, considerably quicker and less expensive than previous solutions like PostIdent or VideoIdent.

Legally compliant and accredited

In October 2018, the Federal Office for Security of Information Technology (BSI) awarded the certificate for identification service providers to Bundesdruckerei. Bundesdruckerei now is the first provider of this service in line with Article 21b of the German Act on Identity Cards and Electronic Identification.

AusweisIDent fulfils all the requirements of the most important acts on identity checks such as the German Act to Promote Electronic Government (eGovG), the German Money Laundering Act (GWG), the German Telecommunications Act (TKG) as well as the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

The advantages of AusweisIDent

AusweisIDent can be easily integrated into existing applications of other service providers via an interface. The service has an intermediary function and provides the data from the ID card or residence permit via secure interfaces.

This means that service providers no longer need their own eID infrastructure or an authorization certificate for reading the ID card data. All they need now is the web application of Bundesdruckerei which is hosted by D-TRUST, Bundesdruckerei's qualified trust service provider.

AusweisIDent is:

  • Secure: High trust level according to German regulations and the eIDAS Regulation as well as compliance with GwG and TKG
  • Fast: Throughout digital identification for providing the data immediately
  • Simple: Easy implementation of standard interfaces
  • Favourable price: Considerable cost advantages compared to other identification methods.

More information about the new identification method can be found here.

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