Digital administration

Completely digital workflows using just a single medium have enormous advantages compared to conventional analogue processes. That's because the individual steps are more transparent, can be processed faster and ultimately cost less.

Electronic invoices

The advantages of completely digitised workflows become particularly evident when exchanging invoices with customers and suppliers.

Digital signing

Signing electronically in a legally binding and convenient manner means optimising business processes, cutting costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Electronic invoicing

With our e-invoicing solution you can easily save up to 70 percent of the money previously spent on printing and postage.

Receiving and sending electronic business documents

Using our portal, you can edit in entirely digital form not just invoices, but also incoming and outgoing standard documents, such as orders, delivery notices, etc. This begins with scanning incoming paper documents and preparing data for easy posting and also includes simple sending of documents through digital channels.

Outgoing invoices are automatically checked to ensure that they are correct and comply with the law; this means fewer complaints and ensures compliance. You can select your preferred method of delivery and file format. We can also protect outgoing documents with an electronic signature.

Advantages at a glance

  • Cost-saving, transparent and future-enabled
  • Fast posting of invoices thanks to optimised preparation of all data formats
  • Automatic checking of outgoing invoices to ensure correctness and compliance
Savings of 70 percent in printing and postage costs, in addition to savings that result from more efficient processes.
Bundesdruckerei, 2015

Solutions & Products

Business Portal

Einfach, schnell und rechtssicher elektronische Rechnungen austauschen

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Solutions & Products

Digital administration consulting

Prozesse zukunftssicher gestalten

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Solutions & Products

Consulting: Digital invoicing at public authorities

Rechnungen effizient bearbeiten

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Digital signing

Optimising business processes, cutting costs and increasing customer satisfaction: Digital signing is suitable for both internal processes and communications with business partners, customers and citizens.

Easier than it sounds

With sign-me, digital signing is now child's play: Our web application allows you to digital sign all of your electronic communications in a manner recognised by law. You can verify letters from your customers and partners without any paper and throughout Europe. sign-me can be easily integrated into your infrastructure and your workflow and meets all the requirements of the new EU Regulation on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS).

Solutions tailored to every need

Bundesdruckerei also offers other signature solutions, be it with a Qualified Electronic Signature and the QES signature card, with the electronic seal or the qualified time stamp.

Advantages at a glance

  • Signing digital documents online without any change in media
  • User-friendly sign-me online portal
  • Complies with the EU's eIDAS regulation
50 percent of IT users around the world consider the handwritten signature to be the biggest impediment to 'paperfree' processes.
AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), Industry Watch – Paper Wars, 2014
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