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Secure identities protect companies and institutions

How can companies and institutions ensure that only authorised people can enter their buildings? How do they guarantee that e-mails are only read by their authorised recipients? How do companies working in Industry 4.0 protect their production processes? Our answer: using secure identities.


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Digitisation & Security

Secure workplace

In order to ensure that only authorised parties can access your company's documents, we supply secure solutions for mobile working and for data and communication security.

Secure infrastructure

Security at a company is far more than secured access to buildings, it includes protected networks as well as secure data exchange between sites. We provide our customers with solutions 'Made in Germany'.

Secure production

Efficient production is not restricted to single sites, but takes place at a global level. Digital processes can lead to significant improvements. But digital processes need security at the highest level, for instance, using remote maintenance.

Digital administration

Fully digital workflows using just a single medium have enormous advantages over conventional analogue processes. That's because the individual steps can be reproduced and are manipulation-proof; they can be processed faster and ultimately cost less.

Secure digital identities

PKI & Certificates

Digital certificates secure online banking and social networks, they are used for digital electricity meters and to login to digital town halls. They can be used by anybody or anything to prove their true identity in the online world. We help companies to prove identities without a trace of doubt and to enable highly secure Internet applications.

Smartcards & Tokens

In the digitised world of business, it is no longer sufficient to simply perform checks at doors and gates. Access to data, systems and networks, as well as internal and external communications must also be protected. Smartcards, reliable carriers of secure identities, have a key role to play in this scenario.


Anybody wishing to identify themselves, for instance, when entering a protected area at a company, must first authenticate themselves. Nowadays physical traits, i.e. biometric features, are typically used for this purpose.

Identity Management

Digital identities are the key to services, data and processes at networked companies. Reliable identity management ensures reliable authentication and authorisation of people, machines and objects.

Solutions for governments

Passport and ID card systems

Bundesdruckerei has a tradition of producing Germany's ID cards and passports. The company also supplies comprehensive ID systems and operates the background systems, from document application right through to document production. Many foreign nations also rely on our expertise when it comes to solutions and products for governments.

Document verification

Documents often have to be checked to ensure that they are genuine – not just at borders. In order to avoid misuse, staff at registration offices and private companies have to be able to check both quickly and reliably whether the documents presented are genuine or not.

Border control

Border controls should be fast and secure – no easy feat, considering the hundreds of different ID documents in use around the world. We can support you with tailored solutions.

Security Printing & Security Products

Security products

In addition to our classic security products we also produce other security-relevant products such as forgery-proof certificates and forms. They in turn reduce misuse.

Security feature systems

In order to prevent documents from being manipulated, we equip them with proven, traditional features as well as high-tech elements.

Security printing

Banknotes, postage stamps and tax stamps must be as forgery-resistant as possible. Read more about how we can help to achieve this with our know-how and innovations.