eIDAS Regulation opens the door for electronic signatures

The "sign-me" web platform enables electronic signatures with a smart phone or tablet without the need for a signature card or reader; Electronic seals replace conventional stamps; Bundesdruckerei subsidiary D-TRUST is a qualified trust service provider

Berlin – On 1 July 2016, the "Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market" (eIDAS) comes into effect in all EU Member States. Up to now, electronic signatures have failed to become widely established. A frequent barrier was the enormous amount of organisational and technical effort needed. The most important new aspect of the European Regulation is the use of the secure yet user-friendly electronic signature with smart phones and tablets, the so-called remote signature. Now, thanks to eIDAS, electronic signatures are possible without a signature card and reader. "As one of the first providers in Germany, we have integrated the new eIDAS-compliant mobile signature into our sign-me web platform. This makes it easier than ever before for our customers to sign online," explains Ulrich Hamann, CEO of Bundesdruckerei. "The easy-to-use electronic signature with sign-me is another milestone on the road towards secure digitisation of medium-sized companies in Germany," says Mr Hamann.

Online loans, digital contracts or documents from public authorities can be signed electronically via sign-me in a simple and secure manner. sign-me comes with a freely designable web interface that can be easily integrated into the online offers of banks, insurance companies, public authorities or businesses. The signature solution can also be designed with the same look and feel as the respective organisation. "sign-me covers the entire online signature process without the need for special signature software, without a signature card, without a reader or the assistance of signature experts," says Mr Hamann.

Bundesdruckerei's offer for mobile eIDAS-compliant signatures will be launched in first pilot applications beginning July 2016.

Stamps now arrived in the age of the Internet

The electronic seal is another new eIDAS service. This digital stamp ensures the origin and integrity of electronic documents and proves that they come from a specific legal entity. The new eIDAS seal closes a gap in electronic communications: unlike the electronic signature, the seal is not linked to a single person but to an organisation. The electronic seal will become part of the sign-me solution.

D-TRUST is an eIDAS-compliant trust service provider

sign-me is a web solution for the electronic signature which according to the eIDAS Regulation may only be carried out by accredited providers. D-TRUST, a subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei, is one of the few providers in Germany that is permitted according to the provisions of the eIDAS Regulation to refer to itself as a "qualified trust service provider" and to offer the new services. This status is granted only to providers who meet the strict legal and security requirements of the EU Regulation. D-TRUST is listed on the Federal Network Agency’s Trusted List and is permitted to bear the EU trust seal, so that customers looking for a service provider can immediately recognise the highest level of trust.

eIDAS Regulation opens the door for electronic signatures

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