Hannover Messe 2019

Bundesdruckerei presents solutions for secure data management and machine communication.

  • Bdrive: Sharing data with external partners in a secure and simple process
  • Business Services: Efficient back office processes
  • Secure digital infrastructures with solutions from genua

Berlin, 19 March 2019From 1 to 5 April 2019, Bundesdruckerei and its subsidiary genua will be in Hall 6, booth F 24, at HANNOVER MESSE (Digital Factory) to show how digital processes and state-of-the-art data exchange with internal and external partners can be achieved in a convenient and secure manner. “More and more companies are storing sensitive data in the cloud. It is essential, however, that this data be protected against unauthorized access,” says Jochen Felsner, head of Trusted Data Solutions at Bundesdruckerei. The company will present live at HANNOVER MESSE a further development in the field of document sharing: Bundesdruckerei's Bdrive cloud solution allows easy data sharing in a fast and secure process. This process is now set to become even more convenient.

Up to now, private companies and public authorities sending their data to partners with no Bdrive account could only do this unilaterally via a Bdrive link. An invitation can now be sent to these partners, allowing them to upload into the cloud and share any amount of documents using an intuitive drop pad. This is also to be made available in future as a mobile version. “The update for our Bdrive solutions makes it easier and more secure for companies and public authorities to exchange sensitive data, especially with external partners” says Mr Felsner. The files are encrypted as usual, fragmented and distributed to several storage providers, and can only be fully restored by authorized persons. Thanks to this unique new technology, the strictest data protection requirements are fulfilled.

Business Services from Bundesdruckerei are also helping to ensure secure data management and more efficient business processes: Via a central portal, companies and public authorities can receive or send digital invoices in various document and data formats using different transmission channels. Bundesdruckerei is demonstrating a system that automotive groups and their suppliers already rely on today, which saves paper and postage and makes processes significantly leaner and more efficient.

Another topic at HANNOVER MESSE will be the latest solutions for safeguarding digital records. Take, for instance, the energy industry where smart electricity meters measure household energy consumption and transmit the data for billing. Every transaction must be secure so that the data recorded cannot be manipulated. Bundesdruckerei's Technical Security Unit, which consists of a secure element, memory, interface and certificates, is suitable for this purpose.

Bundesdruckerei’s subsidiary genua is presenting secure digital infrastructures at HANNOVER MESSE. One example is remote maintenance of machines and systems with extended monitoring functions. With remote maintenance, industrial companies avoid downtimes and save costs. Machine manufacturers can offer additional services with this solution. Extended monitoring enables documentation of maintenance actions by video recording the user interface and making the recordings available on a server. The extended monitoring functions complement the numerous security features of genua's remote maintenance solution, which prevent malware from entering sensitive production areas.

In line with the theme of this year’s fair, "Integrated Industry", genua will be presenting further solutions for secure digitization: a gateway for connecting machines to the cloud, a data diode for monitoring and smooth operation of highly critical systems and an industrial firewall for protecting sensitive production networks.

Press Release Hannover Messe 2019

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