Bundesdruckerei Group operates climate-neutral for the first time in 2020

Implementation of a holistic sustainability strategy to protect the environment, climate and staff

  • Commitment to climate protection offsets 5,272 tons of unavoidable carbon emissions
  • Information from the Bundesdruckerei Group on corporate sustainability published in the German Sustainability Code (DNK) since 2012

Berlin, 22 April 2021 – In 2020, the Bundesdruckerei Group achieved climate neutrality for the first time by implementing a holistic sustainability strategy and offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions.

As a Federal Government company, the Bundesdruckerei Group is committed to its social responsibility to protect climate and the environment and to operate in a sustainable manner. To this end, the Group pursues a holistic sustainability strategy. The aim is to use resources, such as energy, water and fuel, as well as paper, ink and other materials, sparingly, while at the same time supporting employees in their personal development and offering them a family-friendly working environment.

Since 2011, the Bundesdruckerei Group has been purchasing electricity almost exclusively from renewable energy sources. By persistently analysing and bundling production and logistics processes, raising employee awareness and investing in smart plant engineering and energy-efficient production technology, the Group is committed to reducing electricity consumption even further. Target achievements and environmental performance are monitored in internal audits, surveys of target achievement indicators and external accreditation. 

However, due to the company’s energy-intensive production processes, it is not possible for the Group to avoid carbon emissions entirely. That’s why the Bundesdruckerei Group is involved in the climate protection project entitled ‘Efficient cookstoves for sustainable development’ run by Klima ohne Grenzen Projekt gGmbH. This involvement enabled the Group to offset 5,272 metric tons of unavoidable carbon emissions in 2020, making its operations climate-neutral for the first time. 

“We are committed to protecting climate and our environment, but more importantly, our employees,” says Christian Helfrich, CFO of Bundesdruckerei Gruppe GmbH. “That’s why we are so pleased that our efforts are paying off and that we have achieved carbon neutrality for the first time. This success is what motivates us to continue saving resources in our group.”

Since 2012, the Bundesdruckerei Group has been committed to the German Sustainability Code (DNK), a cross-industry transparency standard for corporate sustainability performance. “By signing the related declaration, the Bundesdruckerei Group declares each year that it accepts all the criteria that help to ensure entrepreneurial sustainability,” explains Gunda Müffelmann, Head of Infrastructure Management at Bundesdruckerei GmbH.

The Bundesdruckerei Group will continue to consistently implement its holistic sustainability strategy and has defined further ambitious goals for this purpose. An essential part of this is the Group’s mission to further reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Bundesdruckerei Group operates climate-neutral for the first time in 2020

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