Bdrive: Cloud security from start to finish

CeBIT: Bundesdruckerei presents cloud solution based on the 'Security-by-Design' principle; Target groups: Private companies and public agencies with demanding data security requirements; Comprehensive security technologies, multi-level authentication, detailed access rights, teamwork made easy

Hanover/Berlin - Bundesdruckerei today showcased its new cloud storage solution Bdrive at CeBIT. The target groups include private companies and public authorities with demanding data security requirements who want to exchange information in a secure but convenient manner. "Bdrive has been consistently developed according to the 'Security-by-Design' principle," said Ulrich Hamann, CEO of Bundesdruckerei. "Although easy to use, the solution offers cloud security throughout the entire workflow - this is quite unique on the market". The users' data is encrypted at the workplace, then distributed using the RAIC (Redundant Array of Independent Clouds) security technology and stored in a fail-safe manner with several independent storage services in Germany. This means high data availability and maximum data sovereignty - neither Bundesdruckerei as the Bdrive provider nor the storage service providers can read the data. To ensure secure use of the stored data, state-of-the-art identity management is available that enables multi-level authentication. Access rights can also be defined right down to the smallest detail. Various collaboration functions also enable efficient working in teams. Mr Hamann: "Bdrive is as simple and flexible as a public cloud and as secure as a private cloud."

At CeBIT, Bundesdruckerei is looking for interested pilot users who can find out more and register here. Bdrive will be available as of summer 2017. The cloud storage solution will run in the first version on Windows operating systems; a Mac version is also planned. The cost will depend on the number of users and tiered pricing will start with 25 users. The basic package can be bought at a price of 34 euro per user and month plus a one-time setup fee of 590 euro (prices excl. VAT). The prices include a data volume of 100GB and the integration of three devices per user. Additional devices and a higher data volume can be booked optionally.


RAID made useable for cloud computing

The RAIC security technology is comparable to the RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) principle familiar in data storage. The redundancy that is deliberately generated with RAID is now being used in cloud computing. Bdrive encrypts the file at the client computer, fragments the file and then distributes this to several commercial storage services - in the standard configuration to five cloud storages. Special algorithms distribute the data so that only part of the fragments is needed to reconstruct the data at a later point in time. The enormous advantage of this in practical applications is that even if several cloud storage services fail, the file is restored just like with a RAID system - without the user noticing anything.

The concept of distributed storage increases data protection: Storing data fragments with different cloud providers makes it impossible to access the complete original file. An attacker would need to access several storages at the same time and would have to know the user’s secret key. Strong end-to-end encryption ensures additional data protection along the entire transmission channel: from the client right through to the cloud server.

And the third major advantage is increased cloud performance: Synchronisation and download of smaller data fragments is much faster than with one bigger original file.


Full control and efficient Teamwork

Bdrive also features sophisticated identity management that runs on a high-security server at Bundesdruckerei. Thanks to multi-level authentication methods - such as identification cards with an encryption chip and fingerprint sensor, software tokens or ID cards - only identified users can access the data. This is also a precondition for personal access rights to be defined by the administrator who can precisely define the devices and the sites from where data can be accessed. Thanks to its comprehensive functions, Bdrive promotes working in teams. These functions include version management and the possibility to make files available to external communication partners using secure download links. Mr Hamann: "Bdrive as a so-called 'Cloud Sync and Share' solution is ideal when it comes to simple and secure data sharing.”

Bdrive: Cloud security from start to finish

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