2019 a good year for Bundesdruckerei

Sales and EBIT up at Bundesdruckerei GmbH and the group. Sales growth in passport and ID card business, among others, as well as with the track and trace system for tobacco products and services under the Online Access Act.

Berlin, 13 October 2020 – The 2019 financial year was very satisfactory for Bundesdruckerei, both for Bundesdruckerei GmbH and for the entire group. Bundesdruckerei GmbH was able to increase its main KPIs – in some cases significantly – compared to 2018: Sales were up by four percent to EUR 549.5 million, EBIT (earnings before goodwill amortization, interest and income taxes minus other taxes) by 34 percent to EUR 99.1 million. Net income, on the other hand, was down from EUR 4.9 million to EUR 2.4 million due to a higher tax burden. The number of employees at the end of the year totalled 2,012, similar to the previous year's figure. “In the 2019 financial year, we focused as planned on our core areas of expertise: secure identities, data and infrastructures 'Made in Germany' – and thus successfully continued on our sustainable growth course,” says Dr. Stefan Hofschen, CEO of Bundesdruckerei GmbH. “As a federal IT security company, we want to assume social responsibility, create trust in the analog and digital world, and make it easier for governments, companies, and citizens to act with digital sovereignty.” The company was also able to expand its technological leadership position in 2019. Bundesdruckerei is continuously filing patent applications for its technical inventions; it currently holds around 4,500 national and international patents.

The increase in sales recorded by Bundesdruckerei GmbH was primarily due to higher sales of its main products, i.e. ID cards, passports and electronic residence permits (totalling around 14 million units, marking an increase of just over five percent compared to 2018), as well as to new business. This new business included, for instance, the track and trace system for tobacco products and tobacco tax stamps as well as security stamps for tobacco products, and also the Federal Portal project, in which Bundesdruckerei provides services for the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG, Onlinezugangsesetz).

Sovereign identity business with public authorities in Germany and other countries is the company’s main business. As the contractor of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Bundesdruckerei GmbH is responsible for the entire German system infrastructure for electronic passports, ID cards and electronic residence permits.

The forecast for the 2020 financial year is currently more cautious: The consequences of the Covid pandemic are clearly being felt. In the spring, many citizens’ offices were closed, so that many people were unable to order their official documents. What’s more, a general decline in demand for passports was observed in 2020.

Consolidated sales recorded by the Bundesdruckerei Group (i.e. Bundesdruckerei GmbH as well as subsidiaries genua GmbH, which specializes in network security, trust service provider D‑TRUST and development specialists Maurer Electronics) rose by eight percent to EUR 602 million – the highest figure recorded in the company’s history. EBIT increased by 21 percent to EUR 107.1 million. Consolidated net income, on the other hand, was down by around 14 percent to EUR 28.2 million due to a higher tax burden. The number of employees at the end of the year totalled 2,750, almost four percent higher than the previous year's figure.

Press Release - 2019 a good year for Bundesdruckerei

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