D-Trust: Software update for the TIM Card Taxi

For a number of years now, D-Trust’s TIM Card solution for taxi companies (TIM Card Taxi) has been protecting taximeters against manipulation. Card production is now to be changed and the software updated.

New OS and stronger signature

In December 2021, the existing TIM Card for tax companies will be updated. The JCOP OS is to be updated and a stronger signature will be implemented. The functions of the TIM card for taxis will remain unchanged. The update in production will keep the TIM Card Taxi up to date with the latest technology and ensure even greater security thanks to the stronger signature.
Taxi operators, taximeter manufacturers and data service providers as well as inspecting authorities will need to observe the following during the changeover:

  • Taxi operators can continue to use the TIM Card Taxi currently in use until it reaches its expiry date. When re‑ordering new cards, application, installation and operation will fundamentally remain the same. However, before the new TIM Card Taxi can be put into operation, the taximeter manufacturer must confirm that the new TIM cards can be installed. Established taximeter manufacturers are currently testing the new cards with longer signature keys. Depending on the manufacturer, it may be necessary to update the software of the signing unit at the taximeter interface or the taximeter itself. In the latter case, recalibration of the taximeter is a mandatory requirement. Taxi operators should definitely contact their taximeter manufacturer before their TIM card expires (three years). If necessary, the card can be changed when regular calibration takes place. In addition, taxi operators should request confirmation from their data service provider that data processing with a longer signature key is ensured.
  • Taximeter manufacturers and data service operators must ensure that their systems can work with the new key lengths and signatures. Established manufacturers and service providers are currently testing their systems.
  • Public authorities will need customized testing software. Final testing of the new TIM cards is currently underway. Beginning December 2021, the adapted and downward compatible testing software IVM from Anwendervereinigung Dezentrale Messsysteme e. V. will become available.

Outlook: Extension of the Cash Register Anti-Tampering Ordinance from 2024
With the inclusion of taximeters and distance meters in the Cash Register Anti-Tampering Ordinance (KassenSichV, Kassensicherungsverordnung), these devices will also be subject to a TSE requirement from 2024. As things stand at present, the TIM Card Taxi can be used until 2026. The card will then be replaced by a so-called technical security device (TSE), which has been mandatory in cash registers since the beginning of 2020. D‑Trust is working on a corresponding solution for the market together with the manufacturers and companies concerned.

You can find more information about the TIM Card Taxi product here.