Easy to order signature and seal cards

The new portal for applying for signature and seal cards from D-Trust GmbH is a clearly structured web shop featuring an interactive user account.

User-friendly ordering and management of D-Trust signature and seal cards

At the heart of the new portal is an integrated web shop where users can purchase signature and seal cards from D-Trust.

Private companies and public authorities can use qualified signature cards to sign electronic documents in a legally recognized manner and to digitize their business processes, especially when the written form is required for certain processes. Seal cards serve as proof that an electronic document was issued by a legal entity, proving the integrity and origin of the document. The qualified seal card is no substitute for a personal signature.

The signature and seal cards issued by D-Trust are each valid for up to three years and can be purchased via the new D-Trust portal for single and mass signature applications as required. Test cards, which are valid for one year, allow users to extensively test the product functionalities.  

The new D-Trust portal has a responsive design and adapts flexibly to the end device used. An individual user account must be set up in order to place an order via the portal.

You can reach the new D-Trust portal for signature and seal cards here.