Hands-on digitalisation

How can a company achieve secure digital transformation? And how can you show the benefits and most important steps of digitalisation in a clear and understandable manner? These questions were what motivated Bundesdruckerei to create a show pavilion.

The futuristic new building on the traditional premises in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district features eight different theme worlds from everyday life where interested visitors from ministries, public authorities and private companies can learn about the benefits of digitalisation in a hands-on manner.


Show pavilion

"Our show pavilion demonstrates our vision for the future and what we are capable of. Attractive, interactive exhibits show how secure digitalisation works, for instance, at the workplace, in production, in connected systems or the administration. Visitors can see for themselves the advantages of digitalisation and our solutions," explains Jochen Felsner, Marketing Manager at Bundesdruckerei. The pavilion also aims to highlight Bundesdruckerei's unique expertise in secure identities for the analogue world, as well as its ability to provide competent advice and support to companies on their journey towards digital transformation.