D-TRUST introduces a new generation of signature and seal cards

D-TRUST is extending its product portfolio and on 14 September 2020 is introducing a new signature and seal card generation. With the qualified signature card, you can sign digital documents, contracts and your correspondence in a legally binding manner and without switching to a different medium. The seal card, on the other hand, enables secure proof of origin for documents issued by legal entities.

New cards, new technology, new design

In addition to a new design, the new seal cards (D-TRUST Seal 4.4) and signature cards (D-TRUST Card 4.1) from D-TRUST also have a new OS: CardOS V5.4 was developed by Atos Information Technology GmbH. D‑TRUST was able to contribute its many years of experience as a trust service provider to the signature application. These signature and seal cards are the first product on the market equipped with the new OS and accredited by TÜViT as part of an eIDAS trust service. The cards are available as multicards, single-signature and seal cards.



Headergrafik Signatur- und Siegelkarten

New generation of signature and seal cards

A new feature of the multicards is that the signatures are created with the so-called ECDSA signature method which is an Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) method while the keys belong to the NIST P-256 curve. This means that mass signatures and automated signature and seal processes are now much faster.

D‑TRUST Card 4.1 and D‑TRUST Seal Card 4.4 will gradually replace the previous standard products. D‑TRUST will provide all existing customers with a transition period up mid-2021 to change important systems over to the new cards.

Every year, D‑TRUST issues more than 10,000 seal and signature cards with qualified certificates for companies and private individuals. Since 2016, this Bundesdruckerei Group company has already been listed with the German Federal Network Agency as a qualified trust service provider in accordance with the European eIDAS Regulation. As a pioneer in secure digital identities, D‑TRUST, in its capacity as an independent third-party instance, issues legally secure and accredited trust services, such as the qualified electronic signature.

For more information about all of the trust services provided by D‑TRUST, go to: https://www.bundesdruckerei.de/en/Solutions/Trust-services