Climate and the environment at a glance

Bundesdruckerei operates sustainably and uses resources sparingly. The company has set itself very specific goals to protect the environment and save costs.

Saving resources and cutting costs

Bundesdruckerei is committed to saving resources such as energy, water, fuel, paper, ink and other raw materials. In this way, the company is doing its part to protect climate and to reduce costs.

Bundesdruckerei, for example, uses one hundred percent green electricity. The aim is to keep electricity consumption stable even as sales rise and, in the long term, to become climate-neutral. "Our commitment to '100 percent green electricity’ helps to promote renewable energy in Germany and supports the energy transition," emphasizes Gunda Müffelmann, Head of Infrastructure Management at Bundesdruckerei. The company is also determined to keep emissions stable at 6,000 tons of CO2 until the end of 2020. To achieve this, heating systems are being improved further, air travel is being replaced by video conferences, preference is given to rail travel over air travel or – when travel is unavoidable – low-emission vehicles are used whenever possible.

Reducing hazardous substances

What’s more, the hazardous substances used in production are to be reduced as much as possible and replaced by alternatives that are less harmful to health and the environment. By the end of 2020, the number of hazards actually reported from these chemicals and mixtures is to be reduced by 15 percent. “It has not yet been possible to manage production entirely without hazardous substances. We need certain chemicals, for example, to remove ink from rollers. It is important that we remain in dialogue with manufacturers and continuously look for suitable alternatives,” says Malgorzata Pustkowska who is responsible for Health, Safety & Environmental Protection in Infrastructure Management at Bundesdruckerei.

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