Discover secure Industry 4.0 at CeBIT 2017

CeBIT 2017

Digitisation gives private businesses and public authorities the opportunity to shape internal workflows more efficiently, to cut costs considerably and to develop new offers for citizens as well as business models. But for the digital transformation to be successful, electronic data, information and identities must be protected. At this year's CeBIT, Bundesdruckerei explained how this task can be successfully mastered.

Industry 4.0 at your fingertips

Bundesdruckerei presents an integrated security concept made up of consultancy services, products and solutions.

The Bdrive cloud storage solution

Bdrive offers outstanding data security and complete data sovereignty in the cloud.

GoID – All-in-one solution for secure identity management

GoID is the secure digital key for all your employees' applications.

CeBIT 2017

The proportion of women is rising

The proportion of women is rising

Three delegations with female students from technical fields visited our booth on the last day of the show – and they were extremely impressed by our exhibits.

Chairman of Bundesdruckerei’s Supervisory Board at CeBIT

Chairman of Bundesdruckerei’s Supervisory Board at CeBIT

Down to the very detail: Professor Willi Berchtold, Chairman of Bundesdruckerei’s Supervisory Board, visited the fair to see the company’s latest innovations.

Bundesdruckerei mobile

Bundesdruckerei mobile

Brightful colour: Bundesdruckerei’s shuttle bus was a real eye-catcher at the fair ground and a treat for tired feet.

Kurze Visite in Hannover

Brief visit to Hanover

Dr. Hans-Georg Maaßen (right), President of Germany‘s intelligence service Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, and Bundesdruckerei’s CEO Ulrich Hamann (left).

ID MiniFab on TV

ID MiniFab on TV

On the air: German TV broadcaster NDR reporting on Bundesdruckerei’s ID MiniFab.

From many countries around the globe

From many countries around the globe

In front of the ID MiniFab: A delegation of ambassadors visiting Bundesdruckerei’s booth on Thursday – they were welcomed by Veridos CEO Hans Wolfgang Kunz (11th from right) and Thomas Morian (3rd from right).
rman TV broadcaster NDR reporting on Bundesdruckerei’s ID MiniFab

Guided tours at Bundesdruckerei

Guided tours at Bundesdruckerei

A voice to be heard: Lina Finkernagel (with the microphone) from Bundesdruckerei welcoming visitors to Bundesdruckerei’s booth and explaining our exhibits.

Step by step into the digital age

Step by step into the digital age

From analogue to digital: Our ‘Infrastructure and Secure Communications’ theme world shows how companies can digitise analogue processes step by step.

Visit from Sudan

Visit from Sudan

Intensive exchange of information: Dr. Hermann Sterzinger (right), Management Board member of Bundesdruckerei’s joint venture Veridos, talking to representatives of Sudan.

Minister on home ground

Minister on home ground

Interested listeners: Interior Minister Boris Pistorius from Lower Saxony talking to Bundesdruckerei representatives Dr. Claudia Thamm and Arvind Maitra.


Solutions for KRITIS

Secure digitisation of critical infrastructures: Stefan Wenzel (centre), Minister for the Environment and Energy of Lower Saxony, visited Bundesdruckerei to learn more about how energy companies can meet the requirements for critical infrastructures.

CeBIT 2017 - Zertifikat

BSI certificate received

Europe's early bird: Bundesdruckerei is the first European provider of qualified website certificates to meet the requirements of the EU's eIDAS Regulation. BSI President Arne Schönbohm (2nd from right) und BSI Dept. President Bernd Kowalski (2nd from left) handing over the certificate today to Bundesdruckerei's CEO Ulrich Hamann (right) and Dr. Kim Nguyen (left, Managing Director of D-TRUST GmbH). The new certificates guarantee to Internet users that the institution or person behind a website is trustworthy.

CeBIT 2017 - Bernd Leukert

Highly innovative

Co-operation partner: Bernd Leukert (centre, SAP Board, Products & Innovations) visits Bundesdruckerei CEO Ulrich Hamann (right) and Head of Innovation Manfred Paeschke (left) at CeBIT. On the first day of the show, SAP and Bundesdruckerei announced their collaboration in Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

CeBIT 2017 - Japan

Visit from the CeBIT partner country

The boss himself: Tadahito Yamamoto, Chairman of Fuji Xerox, and his team at CeBIT talking to Veridos colleague Duy-Trung To. Japan is this year's partner country at CeBIT.

CeBIT 2017 - MiniFAB

ID MiniFAB in continuous operation

A real eye-catcher: Bundesdruckerei employees Heinz Risse (left) and Marco Altmann (right) presenting CeBIT booklets produced by ID MiniFab to Adil Osmanović (2nd from right), Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bojić Slavko, General Manager of Procontrol in Banja Luka.

CeBIT 2017 - Geismann

Prestigious visit from the Ministry of Finance

Keen interest: State Secretary Johannes Geismann (centre) from the Federal Ministry of Finance asking Bundesdruckerei CEO Ulrich Hamann (right) and Bundesdruckerei's Head of Marketing, Jochen Felsner (left) about the special features of the 'ID MiniFab' production machine.

Antonia Maas im ersten CeBIT-Interview

Antonia Maas in a first CeBIT interview

Before the camera: German broadcaster ZDF interviews Antonia Maas, Head of Communications, before the tradeshow starts. They talk in detail about the new solutions ‘Behaviour-based authentication’ and ‘Bdrive’.

Pressehighlighttour am Sonntag zu Gast bei der Bundesdruckerei

Press highlight tour at Bundesdruckerei’s booth on Sunday

Keen media interest: Bundesdruckerei was one of the companies selected for CeBIT’s press highlight tour. One day before the tradeshow opened, journalists were able to gain a preview of our company’s most important innovations.


All set to welcome visitors to CeBIT 2017

Ready to go: The exhibits are unpacked and connected, our team is complete and our shoes are polished: CeBIT 2017 can commence for Bundesdruckerei. We look forward to welcoming all our visitors over the coming days.


The images are available for download in our media library.

Industry 4.0 at your fingertips

Strong IT security is essential for the success of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It ensures that connected production components, control systems or remote maintenance applications are perfectly protected.

For the majority of German companies, IT security is clearly more important than speedy digital transformation. 74 percent of these companies do not want to push ahead with digitisation at the expense of IT security (source: Study on IT security within the scope of digitisation - available in German only).


CeBIT production site

The centrepiece was ID MiniFab that vividly demonstrated how Industry 4.0 processes interact and how they can be secured.
Complete with robots, conveyor belts, suction systems, rolls and milling machines, the system produced a CeBIT booklet. It cut the pages to size, integrated the plastic card, attached the flap and bound everything together to produce one booklet. All of its components were connected to each other and could communicate with each other independently.
Grouped around the ID MiniFab system were four solution islands dedicated to the main security aspects of Industry 4.0 applications.

ID MiniFab – Cost-efficient production of security documents

ID MiniFab integrates the advantages of Industry 4.0 in official document production. It enables fully automated production of all passport variants in mixed mode without any retrofitting or downtimes. This mini factory produces ID3 documents in single pieces 'on-demand', i.e. batch size of 1, in outstanding quality. It works at high speed with short throughput times.

Thanks to digitisation, manually controlled production workflows can now be automated. At CeBIT, Bundesdruckerei demonstrated how this can be achieved with reliable, highly available IT systems that include both hardware and software.

A simple, previously manual production workflow was simulated and digital components were added step by step. As a first step, the entire system was operated from the mobile user interface. Based on this, other process steps were automated and redundancy added to ensure high availability. The system was finally securely connected to the cloud.

Industry 4.0 requires consistent protection of information flows, be it during data exchange between several sites or in internal networks. The 'genuscreen' security solution generates strongly encrypted Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for data communications on public networks. As a powerful firewall, genuscreen filters data traffic precisely at interfaces and explicitly permits the desired connections only. At this year's CeBIT booth, two genuscreen firewall systems strictly separated production from the other workplaces, preventing malware from office IT from making its way into production.

Regular, preventive monitoring and remote maintenance solutions avoid downtimes and can cut maintenance costs considerably. But to do this, companies have to open up their networks for external access. Machines and systems that send and receive data online are, however, susceptible to potential attacks.

The machine data of ID MiniFab could be retrieved on a tablet at the CeBIT booth. The data flows were protected here by the 'cyber-diode' data diode using one-way data transfer. In this case, data was communicated in one direction only, i.e. from the mini factory to the user. Each flow of information to the system was persistently blocked.

To facilitate remote maintenance of ID MiniFab, Bundesdruckerei's staff set up a strongly encrypted connection to the 'genubox' rendezvous server in the so-called 'demilitarised zone'. This was the only way to establish a continuous maintenance connection. The firewall function of the genubox restricted external access solely to the system undergoing maintenance. All remote maintenance operations were tracked live and recorded on video.

Secure identities are the basis for trust in connected industry. They ensure that both humans and machines are in fact who they claim to be.  Secure identities are based on digital certificates containing the holder's identity information (e.g. name and e-mail address or the machine identifier).

ID MiniFab also has a secure object identity which it uses to authenticate itself within a network. The Bundesdruckerei employee used the GoID card on the laptop as unambiguous personal identity. The remote maintenance process did not start until both identity checks had been successfully carried out.

New behaviour-based authentication enables secure authentication, even without passwords or special security tokens. Users are authenticated on the basis of every-day, individual movements. This is carried out using devices that nearly everyone has: smartphones and smart watches. The sensors in the devices measure the length of the user's steps, for instance, how the user turns their hip when walking or how they take their smartphone out of their trouser pocket. The results are then compared with the previously stored profile and verified. Visitors to Bundesdruckerei's CeBIT booth were able to try out for themselves authentication with movement biometrics.

German medium-sized companies consider data security and privacy to be central components of cloud computing.

Bdrive is Bundesdruckerei's innovative solution that is setting a new security standard for cloud computing. Bdrive uses the RAIC (Redundant Array of Independent Clouds) security concept for the first time that is based on the RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) principle used in data storage. The software also offers modern identity and authorisation management as well as detailed access rights. Combined with ID MiniFab, it creates a highly automated workflow for producing individualised booklets. Print orders can be created at distributed points and then made available for processing to the mini factory via Bdrive.

'genugate', the new cloud security gateway offers security at the cloud/Internet interface. The gateway checks the contents of all data that is sent to the cloud or retrieved from there and searches for dangerous codes. This means that both malware and bot systems can be reliably identified and blocked. It is also possible to scan the entire data traffic for viruses.

When it came to Bundesdruckerei's digitisation quiz there were no losers. The questions came from many different areas of digitisation. There were three answers to choose from. The digital barometer showed the visitor how well the company is prepared for the digital transformation. And, when visitors had finished, they received a 'digital care package' that will help them to push ahead with digitisation.

When implementing digitisation projects, companies can rely on expert consultancy services from Bundesdruckerei. We will be happy to advise them on three main topics: digital processes, security management and compliance management. Services begin with the identification of maturity, include concept development and continue right through to implementation and audit services (trial audit and accreditation support). Companies can also use the free maturity check that is available on the Internet at:

Bdrive – High-security cloud solution for Industry 4.0

Cloud computing is a matter of trust that requires a high level of IT security. Bdrive introduces a new standard for security and confidentiality in the cloud. This cloud storage solution combines a new security concept (RAIC) with advanced identity management that also enables multi-level authentication methods. With 'security by design' in mind, the focus is not only on high security requirements but also on user friendliness.

The software uses the RAIC (Redundant Array of Independent Clouds) security concept for the first time. This concept is based on the RAID principle used in data storage. Bdrive encrypts the file to be stored at the client computer end, generates individual data packages and then distributes these to several, usually five, commercial cloud storage services. When the data is accessed, the individual fragments are combined again to form the original file. Since the data is stored in redundant form, no data is lost, not even if several storage services fail.

CeBIT: Find out all about Bdrive

Explanatory videos, presentations and live demonstrations provided visitors with comprehensive information about Bundesdruckerei's new storage solution.

Using augmented reality approaches, visitors were able to experience Bdrive from the perspective of the administrator who always knows precisely who is accessing data, where and with which device. The administrator can also define various rights and access rights.

Application scenarios with ID MiniFab highlighted how Bdrive benefits Industry 4.0 applications. This cloud storage solution enables single-piece production jobs that can be sent to the mini factory from distributed sites. First of all, the sites send their orders with content, format and cover design to Bdrive which is directly connected to ID MiniFab. Once ID MiniFab proves its object identity, it collects the production data and begins producing the booklets. The mini factory regularly updates status reports in Bdrive so that the sites can always see how far production has progressed.

GoID – Secure identification

In today's digital age, access, not just to data, systems and networks but also to internal and external communications must be protected in the best possible way. Secure digital identities have a central role to play here.

43 percent of Internet users in Germany have already fallen prey to theft or digital identity fraud. Security and trust on the Internet, a representative survey conducted on behalf of Bitkom, October 2016

The GoID system stands for comprehensive protection for your company's assets and your know-how. The solution secures all corporate applications with a view to secure authentication, encryption, digital signatures and access management.

GoID includes a high-security card with an integrated crypto-chip and fingerprint sensor. The card can be combined with other solutions from Bundesdruckerei to form one overall system. These include visitor management, identity verification as well as solutions to protect data, access, communication and infrastructures.

GoID – Applications at CeBIT

GoID was used in various ways throughout the booth and formed a binding element.

The focus was on secure identification for Industry 4.0 applications at ID MiniFab. Bundesdruckerei's mini factory was operated from tablets or special security laptops. Print jobs for the CeBIT booklet were generated here or remote maintenance was released. None of this was possible, however, unless the operator previously authenticated themselves on a reader with their GoID card.

A maintenance job was also be demonstrated directly on ID MiniFab. The GoID card served as the means of authentication at a service door of the mini factory. In order to check the identity, the fingerprint and facial image were captured and compared on the card where all the data remained during the entire procedure.

eIDAS – New potential for electronic communications

The EU's new regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (eIDAS) is paving the way for the digital internal market. It enables trusted electronic transactions and interaction throughout the EU. Existing procedures have been simplified and new tools established, such as remote electronic signatures. This means that documents can now be signed electronically without a signature card and reader, and remotely, for instance, using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. At this year's CeBIT, Bundesdruckerei showed how the remote signature works in practical application and what other opportunities are arising thanks to eIDAS.

Bundesdruckerei – Your trusted partner for digitisation

Those who wish to make use of the opportunities offered by digitisation need sustainable protection for their assets and hence for all data, infrastructures and communication channels. This is where Bundesdruckerei is helping private companies, public authorities and governments with a holistic security concept – from consulting to innovative products and solutions, right through to maintenance and operation. Competence and trust are rooted in a long tradition of security printing, the company's own practical experience during its digitisation and high innovative capability. Bundesdruckerei has, for instance, around 3,200 national and international patents and patent applications, more than 300 inventors are actively working on new solutions and systems for our customers. Bundesdruckerei has transformed itself successfully into a supplier of IT security solutions 'Made in Germany'.

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