Mobile working in public administration – a special challenge for IT security

The working world is becoming increasingly more mobile. Due to digitalization, more and more people are working while on the move or from home. While this means flexibility, it also poses a number of challenges for federal ministries, public authorities and private companies. Mobile working (also referred to as remote working) in different situations and systems creates various requirements for IT security and calls for solutions tailored to the specific organization.
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What our solutions can offer you

If sensitive data, including data classified as restricted (VS-NfD classification in Germany), is to be processed, the systems used must have the required approvals. Mobile staff who do not process classified data require different ICT solutions. The requirements for the systems used depend on the planned application area.

Mobile forms of working for fast implementation have to be developed, not just in crisis situations. Ideally, remote working solutions should also meet with all of an organization’s security requirements during both the crisis and under normal conditions. In order to ensure that all IT security requirements are fully observed, even during short-term peak loads, it is essential that mobile working measures have a modular design and are geared specifically to the intended purpose. If classified information, including information classified as restricted, is to be processed by employees working from home or on the move, the protection requirements become even more complex.

Remote working at the highest security standard right up to restricted level (VS-NfD)

There is no one universal solution for mobile working. Every ministry, every public authority and every company needs specific products and solutions to meet the respective security level of their organization and the individual working conditions of each employee. Bundesdruckerei’s solution offers modular products that can be combined for precisely this purpose. High scalability and fast implementation ensure that employees are able to work while on the move. All of the VS-NfD-compliant solutions from the Bundesdruckerei Group have been approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This means that the end user can process data right up to restricted (VS-NfD) level even while on the move.

The right solution to meet every requirement

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One-stop solution

The Bundesdruckerei Group also offers suitable, secure solutions for state-of-the-art mobile working for protection requirements below restricted classification. With Bundesdruckerei's Virtual Desktop, your employees can connect to your organization's network quickly and easily, for example, using their private devices, either at home or on the road. Our Bdrive cloud solution allows the quick and secure sharing of data – both with colleagues and with external partners. All products and solutions from the Bundesdruckerei Group are ‘Made in Germany’ and stand for high quality standards.

Tailored IT security from the Bundesdruckerei Group for secure mobile working

Tailored, safe, fast and complete: Our solutions for mobile working allow employees to securely access the company network from anywhere – even using their private devices.

Be it a security laptop, virtualized workstations, cloud storage, e‑mail and file encryption software, e‑mail certificates or remote signature – our modular product range offers you full‑scale IT security. The products can be individually combined to form complete solutions, comprising hardware and software for mobile working right up to restricted classification level. Together with the required connection to your organization’s network (including firewall, VPN and security zones in the network with recommended use for restricted classification level), the system is thus adapted to your organization’s specific requirements. Bundesdruckerei offers everything from a single source – from project planning and roll‑out to service and support.

Products and solutions for secure mobile working in public administration

VS Connect

VS Connect

A complete solution comprising hardware and software for mobile working with classified information. BSI approved IT security components from the Bundesdruckerei Group – the vs top security laptop, GreenShield Suite software, VS certificates and trust center services – together form a centrally managed mobile workstation that meets the requirements for restricted classification (VS-NfD). In this way, state secrets in public administration are protected from unauthorized access and outflow.

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The vs top security laptop with restricted classification (VD-NfD) approval offers two separate working environments – one for familiar applications, such as browser, e mail program and word processing, the other exclusively for processing sensitive data. This enables secure remote working in public administration.

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genucard 3.0

genucard 3.0 is connected to the laptop via a USB and enables secure access to the company network via VPN. Firewall, VPN gateway and a smartcard reader are installed on the device. genucard 3.0 has been approved for restricted classification (VS-NfD) and thus enables remote working in public administration.

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genuscreen generates an encrypted VPN connection for secure data exchange (up to restricted classification (VS-NfD)) via the Internet. The firewall filters data traffic on interfaces and only allows desired connections. Protection zones can be set up for particularly sensitive systems within large networks.

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genucenter is the central administration of all security solutions from genua. This is where all security solutions from genua are configured, continuously monitored and administered. This enables consistent enforcement of policies throughout the network.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Your employees can securely hook up to your company's network from anywhere and work remotely. By installing VDI software on any end device – even a private one – the virtualized operating system can be used via a secure VPN connection.


D-TRUST Zertifikate

Certificates from D TRUST can be used to encrypt and sign e mails. That’s because particularly confidential and sensitive information in public administration must be protected against unauthorized access and the identification of both the sender and recipient of an e mail must be authenticated beyond any trace of doubt.



sign me remote signature enables ministries, public authorities and companies to sign documents in a secure and legally recognized manner while on the move. The user needs neither a signature card nor a card reader, merely an Internet-enabled device and a mobile phone to authorize the signature. Floating folders and analog signing processes are now a thing of the past.

Cloud Computing mit Bdrive


The cloud solution ‘Made and hosted in Germany’. Bdrive allows you to share data with colleagues or external partners in a fast and secure process. The data is already encrypted on your device, fragmented into several data packets and sent to several German cloud stores. Nobody but you can work with the decentrally stored and encrypted fragments.

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