The digital transformation of the EU

Magazinartikel Digitalisierung der EU

Europe is driving the development of eGovernment. This can be seen in the United Nations’ E-Government Index. It is also clear that Europe has a marked north-south divide when it comes to digital communications with public authorities.

Scandinavia leads the field

When it comes to the use of eGovernment, there is a clear north-south divide in Europe. The Scandinavian countries are ahead. In 2018, 92 percent of Danes communicated with public authorities online. This is closely followed by Norway with 90 percent, and Sweden and Finland with 83 percent each.

eGovernment is also popular in Estonia (79 percent) and the Netherlands (82 percent). Western Europe ranks midfield, for instance, Germany (57 percent), Ireland (54 percent) or Belgium (56 percent). The picture is pretty similar in eastern Europe: Hungary (53 percent), Slovakia (51 percent) and the Czech Republic (53 percent).

Some southern European countries are also found midfield: Spain (57 percent), Greece (50 percent) and Cyprus (42 percent).

Trailing the field are the countries in southern and south-eastern Europe, such as Italy (24 percent), Bulgaria (22 percent) and Romania (9 percent).

Europe’s citizens have very different perceptions regarding the level of digitalization in their country. The British believe that their country is already 65 percent digitalized whereas this is in fact only 59 percent. In Norway and Germany, on the other hand, citizens estimate the degree of digitalization to be lower than it actually is. The French have a good idea about the extent of digitalization in their country.

There are some exciting developments in these two countries:


Citizen shops offer the Portuguese not only the services of digital administration, but also direct support from local experts.


Since 2017, information is exchanged online only with public authorities. A few mouse clicks is all it takes for citizens in Slovakia to register a car. Travelling on trains, passengers can enjoy free wifi along the entire route.

Headergrafik Wandel der E-Partizipation
Headergrafik Wandel der E-Partizipation

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