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Adobe Sign and sign-me the remote signature of Bundesdruckerei make it possible, to electronically sign documents in a consistent process via standard web browsers and mobile devices.

Cloud-based digital signatures, also referred to as remote signatures, are the latest generation of digital signature solutions. They are characterized by a high level of user-friendliness and establish signature applications for mobile application scenarios. Adobe Sign and sign-me, the remote signature of Bundesdruckerei, make it possible to electronically sign documents in a consistent process via standard web browsers and mobile devices. The highest level of compliance and security is provided by qualified electronic signatures, whose legal effect is equivalent to handwritten signatures.

The remote signature solution sign-me is seamlessly integrated into the Adobe Sign service using the open standard developed by the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC). The CSC is an international group of cloud signature providers, trust service providers and academic organizations that together promote the widespread use of qualified electronic signatures. For this, the CSC has developed ETSI Technical Specification 119 432 to promote the interaction of electronic signature solutions, such as Adobe Sign, with eIDAS-compliant signature services of the Trust Service Provider. Bundesdruckerei and D-TRUST are among the founding members of the CSC.

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eIDAS-compliant remote signature ‘Made in Germany’

The sign-me web-based service is a one-stop solution for remote signatures: from user identification to the electronic signature. All your customers need is an Internet-enabled device (desktop PC, tablet or smart phone) and a mobile device.

Various state-of-the-art methods can be used for secure verification of identity, such as the online ID function with the German ID card, online video identification, GiroIdent and point-of-sale identification. After the user has logged into sign-me using their user name and password and following confirmation with an SMS-TAN, a qualified electronic signature is triggered via the mobile device using secure two-factor authentication.

More information on how to use sign-me in Adobe Sign can be found here. This tutorial demonstrates how a contract is signed in Adobe Sign using a qualified signature.

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