If the hardware which you purchased from us does not work, you can submit a complaint to us.

Our fast and convenient complaint service

First contact the support team to find out what the problem might be.

If our support finds a defect in your product, please return the product to us.

Please use:

Please note that you will need your 20-digit card ID on your D-TRUST signature card for this.

Please describe the errors that occurred and, in the case of a signature card, please state the serial number printed on the card. Please enclose a copy of the invoice or delivery note in your return delivery. In this way, we can warrant the fastest possible handling.

Please forward your return to:

Bundesdruckerei GmbH

c/o D-TRUST GmbH

Kommandantenstr. 15

10969 Berlin

Please note:

  • Before returning the product, please check your guarantee claim; the guarantee period totals two years from the invoice date.

  • Your guarantee claim becomes void if the return has been incorrectly packed or was damaged by way of deliberate manipulation or if transport damage occurred on the way back to us. We do not accept goods that are sent back carriage free.


Do you have questions regarding our products?

We have a comprehensive service portal that you can use to contact our support team in a quick and convenient manner. You will find there the support you need if you have technical problems along with information on the requirements for our solutions and possible applications as well as the respective documentation and price lists.