We help to promote your health

Our employees' health is our top priority. Our company health management with the health initiative combines medical industrial safety and health promotion. Numerous health-promoting measures are in place to help our employees to stay healthy. These measures include workplace inspections by experts as well as additional services, such as flu vaccines and advice on medical check-ups.

Prevention is a top priority

It goes without saying that we take care of all statutory measures for workplace and health protection and we have an integration management system in place that includes all the measures needed to maintain the ability to work.

Stay fit with the 'health initiative'

The 'health initiative' includes measures to prevent illness and promote health. We offer in-house psycho-social advice, comprehensive information services along with external support.

The programme is rounded off by health promotion schemes, for instance, quit-smoking seminars, in-house prevention measures, such as sports courses, and co-operation with fitness studios.

We are huge sports fans and our company sports groups regularly participate in running events and tournaments in various disciplines.

Other advantages for our staff

We promote talent

Each employee is unique. That's why we promote in different concepts the talent, expertise and determination to perform of each individual employee.

Our attractive plus points

Working for us has many added benefits, be it short-term child-care services, nursing support or help in a personal, family or work-related crisis, well-equipped workplaces or attractive training courses.

Current vacancies

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Jana Winkelmann-Woge
Jana Winkelmann-Woge
Human Resources
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