Questions concerning job applications


Do you have any questions regarding vacancies or your job application? You may just find the answer you are looking for here.

FAQs regarding job applications


All of the jobs that you find on the 'Current Vacancies' section are still vacant and you can apply for them.

Many job portals search the Internet for various vacancies and publish these on their own websites. In cases like these, unfortunately, we cannot ensure that the vacancies are correctly updated or that they are correctly copied. Please go to our 'Careers' section to find our latest vacancies.

Each vacancy is listed with the telephone number of the personnel manager in charge. When it comes to general questions regarding your application, please call our application hotline which can be reached from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm, at +49 (0) 2598 – 2350.

As a rule, the job advertisement contains details of the minimum requirements as well as any other additional qualifications that could be useful.

Application documents

The following formats are permitted: .bmp, .doc, .docx, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .odt, .pdf, .png, .ppt, .pptx, .sxw, .tif, .tiff.

The size of an individual document should not exceed 5MB.

This is unfortunately not possible due to technical reasons. We therefore recommend that you check your documents before sending them in order to ensure that they are complete.


You do not need to name a specific contact in your letter. Your application will be automatically forwarded to the manager in charge.

A cover letter

  • Please refer to the tasks and requirements listed in the job advertisement.
  • Your cover letter should be no more than one DIN-A4 page long.


  • Your CV should be no more than two DIN-A4 pages long.
  • You do not need to submit a photo.

Certificates and other references

  • Education and/or university certificates, relevant work references and training certificates

  • Students: current matriculation certificate, current overview of grades, internship and student job references, if applicable, rules regarding the mandatory internship

  • Schoolgoers: last two school reports


Application process

  1. Online application
  2. Confirmation of receipt
  3. Examination by the respective department
  4. Telephone interview, if applicable
  5. Assessment Center, if applicable
  6. Interview, if applicable
  7. Final notification
  1. Online application
  2. Confirmation of receipt
  3. Examination by the respective department
  4. Online test, if applicable
  5. Interview, if applicale
  6. Final notification

We do not wish to receive applications by post or by e-mail. Please submit your application online only and directly via our vacancies.

If you are interested in several vacancies, please send us one application for each vacancy advertised.

After we receive your application, we will immediately send you an e-mail confirming receipt of your application.

Your documents will then be carefully and individually examined by us. Please note that this may take some time. As soon as our examination has been completed, we will get in touch with you.

  • Go through your application documents once again and try to imagine where questions might be asked.
  • Think about your personal career prospects.
  • Before the interview, put any questions you might have in order.
  • Dresscode: Dress carefully in a manner suitable for your profession and so that you feel comfortable.
  • Be on time – it's better to be too early than too late. Have phone numbers at the ready just in case you are delayed.
  • Include around 15 minutes to register your visit to our company and have a valid ID card or passport ready.
  • During the interview, your answers should be neither too short nor too long-winded.
  • Make use of the opportunity to ask your own questions.

The test will take about 100 minutes. This test will show us if you have the knowledge and skills required for the profession in which you wish to train.

We advise that you brush up on your school knowledge of mathematics, German and English and make sure that you are not disturbed so that you can concentrate better.

For data-protection reasons, your data will be deleted at least six months after the application process has ended.

In most cases, temporary employment is born out of necessity so that we are unable to make any statements in advance regarding the chance of extended or permanent employment.

Your question has yet to be answered? Our application hotline can be reached at +49 (0) 30 2598 – 2350, from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm, and will pleased to answer any other questions you may have.