For the sake of the environment

Protecting the environment and creating a work environment that is as healthy as possible for its employees are top priorities for Bundesdruckerei. With its environmental management system, the company monitors and improves its workflows, also with a view to ecology.

Responsibility from the very start

Bundesdruckerei believes that a company's responsibility for its products already begins in development and does not end until all the materials used have been correctly disposed of or recycled by specialist disposals firms.

Bundesdruckerei's environmental management

For many years now, the company has complied with the requirements of the environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001. Embedded in an integrated system, industrial safety and health protection have been successfully confirmed according to BS 18001 OHSAS and energy management according to DIN EN ISO 50001. Training sessions are held for employees to develop their awareness for the ecological impact of their actions. Bundesdruckerei also uses new technologies and methods in order to preserve the environment while at the same time guaranteeing perfect products.

German Sustainability Code

In 2013, Bundesdruckerei signed the German Sustainability Code.

Logo Nachhaltigkeitskodex

This code makes the company's contribution to the environment, the economy and society both transparent and comparable. By signing the declaration of conformity, the company declares that it accepts all the criteria that go into making entrepreneurial sustainability, for instance, greater usage of nature resources.

What's also important to us

Security & Quality

Security and quality are among Bundesdruckerei's top priorities. After all, that's our core business! That's why the company is so committed to comprehensive security and quality management.


Bundesdruckerei's compliance management system ensures that staff not only act in a law-compliant manner, but that they also meet with growing ethical demands. This includes both external requirements as well as the company's own code of conduct.


Bundesdruckerei has a tradition of involvement in social and educational projects in our home region of Berlin-Brandenburg. Our employees are also committed to social issues.