GoID system

The aim of this project was to develop nothing less than the employee ID card of tomorrow, complete with fingerprint and display. What we have come up with is GoID system.


The goal of this innovation project was to develop an ID document with an integrated fingerprint sensor for user-friendly, biometric authentication. GoID, a multi-functional company ID card, enables both physical access and virtual IT access to a company. Other functions can also be integrated, for instance, user-friendly encryption, payment, digital signing or machine release.

What we have developed is a 'system on document' according to ISO 17839 and ISO 18328-2 with the highest level of data protection. The sensitive biometric data never leaves the document. The fingerprint data is checked on the document itself; this so-called 'verification on card' ensures that the user has full control over the information at all times. No personal biometric data is sent to a background system. GoID also runs without a battery. The power needed is taken from the electromagnetic field that is generated by the antenna of the RFID reader. An LED display and PIN pad mean even greater convenience for users.

Universität der Künste (UdK) has been accompanying development all the way and conducted a number of user experience workshops. The results were directly included in ongoing development.

Mastering complex challenges

The biggest challenge of this project was to integrate complex sensor and image processing technologies as well as feature extraction and comparison into one ID document with limited resources and without a battery. This was overcome by implementing electricity-saving electronic circuits and efficient software algorithms. Mathematical simulations of power management, including antenna structures, led to a huge improvement in contactless energy transfer, so that a life-shortening battery was no longer needed.

GoID has one more unique selling proposition: Unlike all other known smartcard products to date, hard-wearing fibre composite is used here as the card material. This material, also used in aviation construction or in Formula 1, is heat-resistant up to 270° and has high mechanical strength.

GoID is now part of Bundesdruckerei's new company ID card which is currently in pilot phase testing.