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A company with its very own identity and character

Secure identities are Bundesdruckerei's core competence. With technologies and services 'Made in Germany', the company protects sensitive data, communications and infrastructures. The solutions are rooted in the secure identification of citizens, customers, employees and systems in both the analogue and digital world.

Bundesdruckerei's innovation projects

Identitäts- und Rechtemanagement

Innovative identity and rights management

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Smart Production

Smart production

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About Bundesdruckerei

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Dr. Stefan Hofschen and Christian Helfrich at the helm of Bundesdruckerei.

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The Group

Find out about the subsidiaries and shareholdings that belong to the Bundesdruckerei Group.

See what the company stands for

See what the company stands for

Responsibility & Engagement


Find out about the associations and organisations in which Bundesdruckerei is involved.

Security & Quality

Here you can find Information about Bundesdruckerei's comprehensive security and quality management.


Find out more about Bundesdruckerei's compliance management system that ensures adherence to regulations and laws.


Get an insight into Bundesdruckerei's social and educational projects.

Environment & Sustainability

Find out more about Bundesdruckerei's holistic environmental management system.