New concept for CeBIT participation

Fair booth designed entirely as a model Company; Mr Hamann: "Supporting medium-sized business in Germany during the digital transformation"; Fair highlight: Secure use of Android smartphones for both business and private matters

Berlin – Bundesdruckerei is offering new solutions for holistic security management. These solutions are especially designed for private companies and institutions. "In recent years, our company has undergone a transformation: once a printer of passports, ID cards, banknotes and postage stamps, we now also supply entire security systems for the analogue and digital world," says Ulrich Hamann, CEO of Bundesdruckerei. "We have now decided to offer our know-how as a high-security company to the private sector too," explains Mr Hamann.

This was the inspiration behind the idea for Bundesdruckerei's booth at this year's CeBIT. A fictitious medium-sized model company is to be built as a booth, featuring a security fence, welcome desk, administration and production areas, not to mention a real cafeteria. Employees will be on site to guide visitors around the booth. At different points, products and services related to secure identities will be presented to customers and visitors. "Secure identities are the key to trust and security in the digital and analogue world. That's why we have to ask ourselves whether the person in front of us is in fact who they claim to be," says Mr Hamann. Trust and security are what Bundesdruckerei is determined to achieve with its Full ID | Governance solutions which are particularly designed for medium-sized companies. "These solutions are centred around security, efficiency and compliance. This means that we can free resources within the company, so that it can focus on its core business," says Mr Hamann. "We want to support medium-sized companies in Germany during the digital transformation."

At CeBIT, Bundesdruckerei will also present its new trust-me security technology for Android smartphones and tablets. This technology will become available this year and has been developed in co-operation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC). This means that several virtual smartphones can be installed on one device and used at the same time both in private and professional environments and for application-specific purposes. The new technology requires installation of a hardened trust-me operating system on new smartphones or on smartphones that are already in use. Isolated areas can also be set up as needed. By entering a PIN, the user can switch between these isolated environments. Within the professional area, employees can access the company network and sensitive data, such as e-mails, contacts and calendars. Apps, which are installed in the private area, have no access to business data and cannot send such confidential information to outside parties. trust-me also permits remote deletion of the professional area, for instance, if the smartphone is lost. The private data remains intact and can be synchronised on new devices, for instance, using backups in the cloud. This creates a level of security that up to now was only possible by using different devices for private and professional life. Mr Hamann: "Thanks to trust-me, employees now only need a single mobile phone. This solution is secure, easy to use and complies with data protection laws."

New concept for CeBIT participation

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